In-Season Training Week

Lift 1: Hang Power Cleans & Back Squat Workout Brief Today’s session is a combination of power, maximal strength and core/accessory work. Before we dive in, we grease the groove with a targeted squat warm up and core activation. Do all of this well – pay attention to the details. Non-weighted work will only be…
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Episode 3 - Teaching Strength

Chalk Talk – Episode 3: Teaching Strength

All too often we see athletes way too caught up with their newest PR or the “sexy” new movement they saw their favorite athlete do. In episode 3 of Chalk Talk, Coach Breslin and Colin Reno talk about focusing on movement mechanics and seeing strength develop as a direct result.
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Total Athlete – Sample Training Day

Pressing, Pulling, Accessory Work, & MetCon *Required Equipment* Barbell  Dumbbells Pull-up Bar  Workout Brief: All about the push and pull today. Our main focus is some raw strength development through the bench press and deadlift. Working up to a heavy set of 5 in each, but do not sacrifice movement for load, especially in our…
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Intro to Training – Sample Class Plan

The Deadlift, MB Lunges, Core, & Conditioning *Required Equipment* Med Balls Room for running (loop or shuttles), or equipment for stationary cardio (bike/elliptical/etc) Goals: Review the concept of “supersets” and Strengthen the Core Review the “Hinge” & Introduce the Deadlift Review the “Lunge” & Introduce a Loaded Variation Practice Movement Patterns & Develop Work Capacity…
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