Episode 50 – Intro to S&C feat. Trent ClausenDoug Curtin
Every student takes Intro to S&C their freshman year at Conestoga High School (NE). Check out how Trent Clausen approaches teaching the class.
Weight Training – Student-Athletes’ PerspectiveDoug Curtin
Athletes from the Kingsford Flivver football team talk with their coach, Josh VanDusen, about their experiences in the weight room and using PLT4M.
Starting Somewhere – Growing Weight Room AttendanceDoug Curtin
Getting consistent weight room turnout at any high school is no simple task. Coach Justin Shaffer knows for long term success you have to start somewhere.
Chalk Talk – Episode 49 – The “Squat” – What, Why & How?Doug Curtin
The squat is one of the most talked about movements in S+C...and for good reason! We break down teaching and progressing the squat with your athletes!
Wisconsin Dells
Athletic and PE Department Collaboration (WEBINAR)Doug Curtin
Brad Rohling, PE teacher and coach, presents on how his school has used PLT4M to unify his Athletic and Physical Education departments.
Chalk Talk – Episode 48 – Professional Development feat. Eric DavoltDoug Curtin
Eric Davolt is a Teacher Adviser for k-12 physical education at one of the largest school districts in CA and comes on to talk about being a #PhysEdCoach.