Fix Your Squat: 4 Tips & Tricks

We believe the squat to be one of, if not the most important movement in which all athletes should become proficient. Learning a proper squat is crucial for athletes as it has applications in strength, mobility, stamina, injury prevention, and above all, sets a great foundation of strength and movement mechanics.
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3 Keys to Post-Game Recovery

As Football coaches, we all know that one of the biggest keys to a successful season is keeping your team HEALTHY. Ours is a game of attrition. The teams that stay healthy, and keep their athletes as close to peak performance as possible, are the ones that win games down the stretch.
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Anything You Can Do…

We often get inquiries from coaches about their female athletes and what training programs they should be doing, how they should be different, etc. The bottom line is, here at PLT4M we do not differentiate between our male and female athletes, and we hate when girl athletes are told they aren’t supposed to train like the boys!
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What is the Power Clean?

The olympic lifts are excellent tools for athletic development. That being said, they are also amongst the trickiest to teach. The first problem is a lack of understanding and adherence to clear and specific terminology.
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Training Competitions: How-To

So you want to run a training competition? Great! Coaches across the country utilize competitions every summer to incentivize athletes, increase participation, and build team culture. But how do you put it together? While a really great tool in theory, a training competition can be extremely difficult endeavor to actually administer on your own.
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