Technology Under Attack feat. Justin ContoisDoug Curtin
Phones in class sound like a distraction to most teachers. But for Justin Contois in Virginia, phones are the tool to empower engagement and success.
Chalk Talk – Episode 36 – The Off-Season – Thinking Big PictureDoug Curtin
Move past writing individual workouts, and start to think about your larger off-season plan. Coach Bres breaks down the Big Picture for Off-Season training.
Chalk Talk – Episode 35 – Positivity In PE – feat. Nick ClementsDoug Curtin
Don't count the days until school is over. Make every day of school count. Check out Nick Clements approach to taking on each and every day with a positive attitude.
Chalk Talk – Episode 34 – Weight Room Ready – College AthleticsDoug Curtin
Some high school students athletes dream to play at the next level. What should they be doing in the weight room to be ready for college athletics?
Chalk Talk – Episode 33 – Grant Writing For Physical Education feat. Jessica ShawleyDoug Curtin
Jessica Shawley, Shape America National Teacher Of The Year, joins Chalk Talk to discuss grant funding for Physical Education.
Jessica Shawley
4 Things to Consider When Looking For Grant FundingJessica Shawley
You do not have to be a professional grant writer to secure funds for your school. Jessica Shawley shares 4 tips that any teacher can use.