MetCon Workouts: Building Mental & Physical Toughness

What is MetCon? With the advent of Crossfit, training terminology has exploded – for better and worse. You’ll often hear buzzwords thrown around like stimulus or capacity without knowing quite what their true meanings are. “MetCon” is another of those terms thrown around quite a bit, but what does it actually mean? For starters, it is an…
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Stretching for Recovery

In our experience, the most overlooked part of training for high school athletes is the cool-down & recovery period. At PLT4M, we use a number of different static stretching routines (like the Band Stretch above), mobility work, and foam rolling as our final piece of each training session.
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Teaching and Scaling Depth in the Air Squat

The Air Squat. Arguably the single most important movement for young students and athletes to learn. Proper squatting is vital to both athletic performance and overall physical health. Teaching such a foundational movement should be simple right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.
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