Chalk Talk – Episode 29 – Hypertrophy & All Things Muscle Growth

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We hear hypertrophy and think of ‘bulking up.’ On this episode of Chalk Talk, we take a dive into rep ranges, intensity, and where to look for hypertrophy in the weight room. Coach Breslin helps break down what muscle growth can look like for high school athletes and how coaches can help foster athletes’ development through strength and conditioning.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: The Strength Endurance Continum  
  • Hypertrophy – Simply Put – ‘Muscle Growth’ (1:00- 4:00)
  • Inducing Hypertrophy – Rep Ranges and Work Done (4:00 – 9:55)
  • Examples In The Weight Room – The Highlighter Example (9:55 -13:30)
  • Rep Ranges On A Spectrum (13:30 – 16:55)
Part 2:Bulking Up – Myths Of The Muscle 
  • ‘Bulk’ – Some People Want It- Some People Fear It (18:00 – 22:05)
  • One Step Up, Or One Step Down- Consider Genetics And Nutrition (22:05 – 24:40)
  • Fear Of Bulking Up (24:40 – 27:30)
  • Think About The Athlete – Not About The Appearance  (27:30- 33:36)
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