Deceleration Drills for AthletesCoach Bres
One of the most overlooked aspects of athletic development is the ability to stop and change direction. Try this deceleration progression with your athletes.
Training the Multi-Sport Athlete: Part ICoach Bres
Here at PLT4M, we answer these considerations by employing a holistic approach to athletic development. We believe in training the multi-sport athlete year-round as opposed to utilizing sport specific programs.
Everything You Need to Know About Muscle SorenessCoach Bres
Post Workout Soreness - What is it? How do you treat and prevent it? When is it a bad thing?
The Pro-Agility DrillCoach Bres
One of the most widely used agility drills, the 5-10-5 or "Pro-Agility Drill" is a great way to develop lateral quickness and change of direction.