Chalk Talk – Episode 27 – Maxes, Percentages, & Worksets – Programming Weights

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Maxes, and Percentages, and Worksets, Oh My! We discuss all of the considerations that go into prescribing appropriate weights and reps to athletes throughout training. 

Check out Coach Jeff Lindeman’s article mentioned in the podcast.

Time Stamps: 
Part 1: High School Athletes – Know Your Audience 
  • Resistance Training – Percentage Approach vs Rep Ranges (1:00 – 7:00) 
  • Efficiency In Weight Room – Giving Basic Guidelines With Maxes (7:00 – 12:20) 
  • Goal For The Day – Being Clear and Communicate To Athletes (12:20 -18:30) 
  • APRE – Autoregulated Progressive Resistance Exercises (18:30 -25:00) 
Part 2: The Deadlift 
  • The King Of All Strength Exercises, That Being Said…Know Your Audience ( 26:00 – 30:00) 
  • Easier To Keep Kids In Check, Limit DL Weight (30:00 – 34:00) 
  • Start Somewhere In Programming, But Have Structure Not A Blank Slate (34:00 – 36:16)
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