Chalk Talk – Episode 25 – “In Season” Forever? Developing Multi-Sport Athletes

Chalk Talk – Episode 25 – “In-Season” Forever? Developing Multi-Sport Athletes 

Coaches are juggling high school athletes playing sports year-round. Does that mean they are in-season training all year? When will they get a chance to get any stronger? 

Coach Bres joins Chalk Talk to help us clearly define the In-Season versus Off-Season training discussion. We get into the nitty gritty when we start to consider volume, intensity, and frequency of both sport and training! 


Time Stamps: 
Part 1: What Are Even Talking About Here? 
  • Being In-Season versus In-Season Training (1:15 – 3:50) 
  •  Defining In-Season Training – For Experienced Athletes (3:50 – 6:20)
  • Defining Off-Season – Higher Volume, Intensity, Frequency (6:20 – 8:30)
  • Shift Our Outlook – Its Not In Versus Off, but Volume and Identity (8:30 – 11:05)
Part 2: Big Picture – What Makes Sense For Different Groups? 
  • Volume Is What We Need To Look at (11:40 – 14:00) 
  • It Is Okay To Play Sports, and Train Hard…When Appropriate (14:00 – 18:00) 
  • Developing Athletes Will See Gains..Look Big Picture (18:00 – 20:50) 
  • Using Coach Bres’ Example Of His Team ( 20:50 – 25:30) 
  • Look At The Physical Pie – Adapt and Balance (25:30 – 28:00) 
  • Do Not Force Your Demands – Play the Variables (28:00 – 31:20)
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