In Pursuit of Better.

We see the work you do. We believe in the impact it has. We’ve always known PE class was about so much more than rolling out the dodgeballs.

PLT4M is here to support educators as they prepare the next generation for a lifetime of physical literacy, and kids as they lay the foundation that will shape their relationship with wellness forever.

The pursuit of better, together.

Our Commitment

Everything we do, every feature we build, and every program we release is done in the pursuit of these beliefs.


Be Better

We believe in the cumulative impact of small improvements. We aim to empower educators and students in their own pursuit of better, each and every day.


Fundamentals Matter

We believe in movement and form. Proper technique before weight, always.


Your Success is Ours

We believe in the power of your work and your success matters a great deal to us. We aspire to be an extension of your team and invite you to call, email, or text us anytime.


Fit For Life

We believe no student should graduate without a foundational fitness education. The work you do with your students today serves them far beyond their time in your classroom.

Our Team

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