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With less than 3% of adults utilizing team sports for physical activity, a robust Fitness Curriculum is imperative! Inspire your students’ love of fitness with popular units such as Bootcamp, Boxing, Dance, Pilates, Yoga and beyond. Your students will never tire of trying new things!

Weight Training

Our sequential approach to weight training helps students master technique, building confidence at every step! From bodyweight movements to loaded Barbells, kids learn to lift the right way before continuing their journey with personalized training programs! 

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Just as important as being physically active is understanding all the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Popular courses such as Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, along with Drugs and Alcohol, help teachers build a holistic understanding of what Health and Wellness really is!


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Social Emotional Learning has emerged as an integral part of physical education. PLT4M’s units on mindfulness and emotions impart valuable lessons to help students build a more balanced approach to managing everyday stressors and navigating peer interactions.

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Games & Activities

No P.E. curriculum is complete without a well-rounded catalog of Games & Activities. Our growing library includes popular racquet sports such as Pickleball and Badminton, Team sports like Basketball, and Lifetime Activities such as Swimming and Kan-Jam.

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Athletic Performance

Empower your athletes with elite-level strength, speed and conditioning programs built by a team of certified performance specialists. Deliver individualized programming that recognizes where an athlete is in their journey, and what they need to get to the next level!

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