Chalk Talk – Episode 28 – Keep Lifting Simple Feat. Kosta Telegadas

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Keep lifting simple. Keep lifting engaging. You can do both at the same time. Kosta Telegadas comes onto the podcast to talk about how simple can be engaging. He talks about how our focus should be on effectiveness, not keeping up with the flavor of the month for lifting from Twitter.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: High School Athletes – Know Your Audience 
  • Cleaning Things Up – Keeping It Simple ( 1:00-4:13)
  • Supersets for Engagement (4:13-8:55)
  • Space –  “# of Racks” (8:55 – 11:36)
  • Finishers Bring People Together (11:36 – 16:30)
  • 8th Graders and Progressions (16:30 – 19:07)
  • Weight Rooms Are Not Required – Needs To Be Worth Coming Back (19:07 -22:38)
  • Russian Rule of 3 – Avoiding The Rush To Specialize ( 22:38 – 26:10)
Part 2: The Total Student-Athlete (Life Happens) 
  • You Only Get Kids For An Hour, What Else Is Going On (27:10 – 30:10)
  • Be Understanding, Keeping People In The Loop (30:10 – 34:04)
  • Building Confidence, Setting Kids Up For Success (34:04 –  38:20)
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