# 101 – Hydration, Sweat Science, & Sports Drinks

Chalk Talk – Episode # 101 Hydration, Sweat Science, & Sports Drinks 

Part 1: Hydration 101

Part 2: Sports Drinks & Sweat Science

On today’s episode of Chalk Talk, we will be pulling from two conversations we had with our nutrition expert Rebecca Toutant. These mini conversations come from our Nutrition EDU program we provide to students, and our focus today is on hydration.

In part 1, we will break down the basics of hydration, and then part 2 talk a little more about sweat science and sports drinks. You may hear some references to assignments and questions throughout these two parts, which come as part of the more extensive program inside PLT4M. But have no fear, this podcast is a great listen for all our teachers and coaches out there because hydration and sports drinks often stir up a lot of questions from our students and athletes.

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