# 100 – Free Weights vs. Machines

Chalk Talk – Episode # 100 – Free Weights vs. Machines

Free weights and machines are the staples of many fitness centers, weight rooms, and training centers across the country. For Physical Education, the equipment available often dictates an entire workout or lesson for students.

We break down the pros and cons of free weights and machines and consider the practical implications of both. Are certain types of students better suited for one or the other? How do you manage a busy class with what you have in your space?

Check out our 100th episode of Chalk Talk!

Time Stamps:

  • Defining Free Weights & Examples (1:30)
  • Defining Machines & Examples (3:00)
  • Pros of Free Weights – Development of.a Full Movement Pattern (5:30)
  • Bang For Buck – Working The Greater System (7:00)
  • Cons To Free Weights (9:50)
  • Pros To Machines – Ease of Use (12:00)
  • No Intimidation – Can’t Mess It Up (14:00)
  • Injuries – Benefits of Isolation (16:00)
  • Cons Of Machines (18:00)
  • Efficiency Concerns With Machines In Group Training (19:30)
  • Space Considerations & Real Life Implications (21:00)
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