EP31 Energy Systems

Chalk Talk – Episode 32 – Energy Systems – Conditioning For Performance

‘I want my team to be the best conditioned group around!’ What does that really mean when we start to consider all the different types of conditioning?

Coach Bres breaks down the 3 energy systems and how they relate to performance for high school student athletes.

Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Gain, Pain and Sustain – Big Three 
  • ATP For Power Output (0:00 – 4:20)
  • Phosphocreatine – Explosive – Gain (4:20 – 6:35)
  • Glycolytic – High Intensity – Pain (6:35 – 10:45)
  • Aerobic – Edurance Intensive – Sustain (10:45 – 13:30)
  • Concept of Conditioning – Effort or Training Energy Systems (13:30 – 17:04)
  • What Does It Look Like – Work to Rest, And Take Into Goals (17:04 – 25:02)
Part 2: Working Together, Not Apart 
  • Combining Different Energy Systems, And Training To Fit That (25:02 – 31:12)
  • Aerobic Is The Base to Build Anything Else ( 31:12 – 35:23)
  • Mental Toughness (35:23 – 41:38)
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