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Physical education teacher resources can enhance and support the mission of quality physical education in schools all across the country. We explore some of the best physical education teacher resources and how teachers can tap into lesson plans, technology, and more.

What Are Physical Education Teacher Resources?


Physical education teacher resources are anything that can help support the physical education class. Typically, PE teachers are in search for something within one of the following categories:


  1.  PE Lesson Plans – Structured outlines of instructional activities, learning objectives, and outcomes for PE teachers to utilize during physical education class.

  2. Assessment Tools – The tools and best practices to evaluate student learning in different forms, from physical literacy to physical fitness.

  3. Professional Development – Taking lesson ideas and assessment ideas and turning them into action with quality professional development and training.


Other considerations include things like equipment, technology, and classroom management strategies. Altogether, physical education teachers are in search of the best physical education teacher resources to support their goals and initiatives.

Students watch a PLT4M instructional video on a tablet during PE class.
Students watch a PLT4M instructional video on a tablet during PE class.

Challenges Finding Physical Education Teacher Resources


Physical education teacher resources have been disjointed and spread across the internet for many years. And many PE teachers are left feeling frustrated by what they find!


First, many free online resources are not actually made as PE resources. For example, PE teachers might be looking for fun fitness challenges only to find instructors and coaches that are anything but appropriate for students. From clothing (or lack thereof) to language, free resources on YouTube don’t often meet the quality and appropriateness expectations of PE teachers working with students.


Next, while PE teachers might find more dedicated PE resources, they might only serve a small portion of what they want to accomplish. For example, a PE teacher is starting a new lifetime fitness curriculum and needs lesson plans for yoga, dance, bootcamp, and more. But as they search for different physical education teacher resources, they can only find a handful of PE lesson plans rather than a full curriculum.


Finally, many physical education teacher resources come at a cost. And while that isn’t inherently bad, many physical education teachers have tight budgets or need to make the case to an administrator. Therefore, if there is a cost, physical education teacher resources better do everything you want!

Example of advertisement about losing weight.
A quick search for fitness resources might not always give PE teachers what they are looking for!

5 Popular Physical Education Teacher Resources


When it comes to physical education teacher resources, many PE teachers turn to some of the most trusted sources. Below are 5 places that physical education teachers can find a wide range of quality physical education resources:


  • PLT4M – Curriculum, technology, professional development and more! 

  • Shape America – The leader in setting national standards and best practices in PE. 

  • PE Central – A great professional development resource for PE teachers. 

  • PE Geek – Former PE teacher and thought leader in the world of physical education. 

  • Open PE – A great resource for elementary PE games and activities. 


Student high fives PE teacher.
What are the best physical education teacher resource? Ones made for PE specifically!

More On PLT4M Physical Education Resources

Over the years, more PE teachers have turned to PLT4M for physical education teacher resources. Why? PLT4M has a comprehensive offering of PE lesson plans, assessment tools, technology, professional development, and more for teachers. Check out more on:


In addition, check out what PE teachers across the country are saying about PLT4M,


  • “It has saved me so much time in making personalized workouts for each student. I also like the data tools, leaderboards and the resources all in one place.” – Stephanie

  • “The program is easy to navigate. In addition to the student resources, this program is an excellent professional development resource for teachers” – Anna

  • “PLT4M has resources for all my middle school and high school classes. Excellent for our Personal Fitness and Advanced (weight lifting) classes as well as all our regular physical education classes.” – Chad


What Types of PE Lesson Plans Does PLT4M Have?


PLT4M has a full slate of PE lessons for physical education teachers to choose from! From PE games to fitness activities, PLT4M has countless options. Check out some of the most popular below:


PLT4M has over 4,000 different instructional videos! Check out one from the popular Intro To Pickleball program! 

Does PLT4M Have Health Education Lesson Plans?


Yes! PLT4M has recently created a wide variety of health education lesson plans that include topics like:

Does PLT4M Cost Money?

PLT4M offer free and paid opportunities for physical education teachers.



Don’t think you have the budget for PLT4M? Check out different grants for physical education that can help fund physical education teacher resources. 

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