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A teacher explains the points of performance of an air squat during physical education class.

Physical education doesn’t always garner the same level of attention as other academic subjects throughout the school day. But as schools search for ways to support students’ mental health, academic performance, and overall healthy lifestyles, physical education can play a crucial role in student success. Physical education articles can highlight physical education classes’ why, what, and how.


In this article, we feature some of the top physical education articles that help make the case for quality daily physical education opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Importance of Physical Education Articles


Physical education classes are on the chopping block in many areas of the country. Physical education, like many other “specials” or “electives,” is often cut back in place for “core subjects” like math, science, and English.


These cutbacks come at a time when the United States is struggling with increased rates of childhood obesity, mental health issues, and concerns about academic performance of students. For example, the United States recently received a D- on a recent report for overall physical activity for children and youth. (Source: Physical Activity Alliance)


While physical education teachers advocate for improving physical fitness and the PE curriculum’s important role, many still see PE as a “gym class” where teachers roll out the ball and let kids do whatever they want. However, physical education classes are far from the gym class stereotypes portrayed in popular movies and TV shows.


Therefore, physical education articles play an essential role in educating and advocating daily exercise and physical activity opportunities for young people. In addition, physical education articles can promote the excellent work of physical educators and students at schools throughout the country.

Statistics about the current state of child wellness.
Statistics about the current state of child wellness.

12 Physical Education Articles


Below are a sampling of different physical education articles from PLT4M. PLT4M is a leader in the world of physical education and helps support physical education classes in schools all across the country. You will find 12 physical education articles highlighting the what, why, and how of PE. 


Stay tuned for a special bonus at the bottom where you can explore schools in action from across the country! 

The What


Physical education and physical activity often get lumped together and are used as interchangeable terms. Many different educational directives, like the Whole School Model, put the two terms into one bucket. And while they both are crucial to the health and wellness of our children, there should be a clear delineation between physical activity vs physical education.


Before going any further with our physical education articles, let’s start on the same page to understand the differences and similarities between physical education and physical activity.

To take it a step further, it is essential to understand that physical education classes have evolved over the years. And as more studies have come out about the different elements of physical fitness, so has the approach of the physical education curriculum. Many PE teachers have transformed PE classes with a fitness education model, tapping into the 5 components of physical fitness.

The Why


While many physical education teachers know the importance of daily physical education, they often need to make the case to other school stakeholders. Therefore, physical education articles that highlight the WHY behind physical education are crucial.


Beyond just the high-level case for PE, there are all sorts of supporting studies and research that have showcased the importance of physical activity and physical education on physical health, mental health, emotional health, academic performance, classroom behavior, and more! Explore some of the different physical education articles that showcase the impact of consistent and quality physical activity.


The How


Okay, we have made the case of what and why physical education is important. But are there physical education articles that show HOW quality physical education can be achieved? Yes! From articles on incorporating technology into the classroom to staying cutting edge to introducing new types of physical fitness opportunities via lesson plans, physical education articles can spark new ideas and initiatives for the physical education classroom.

Physical Education Articles That Spotlight Schools In Action (BONUS) 


While all of the physical education articles above are helpful, most people want to see what physical education actually looks like in schools. How can all of these different concepts be applied to an actual classroom?


More often than not, taking all of this information and turning it into practice throughout the school day can present a fair share of challenges. Sure, it sounds good on paper, but would that actually work with my students?


The most powerful physical education articles are the ones featuring real schools in action. From implementing a new PE curriculum to sharing best practices, school spotlights and case studies are often the most compelling physical education articles.


Check out a sampling from schools all across the United States innovating their physical education classrooms and seeing the positive results with students!


Key Takeaways On Physical Education Articles


Exploring different physical education articles can provide fresh perspectives, a new way of looking at class, or affirm what physical educators are already doing.


And no matter how many physical education articles you read or share, your hands-on experiences will still play a huge role in how you approach your class and work with students.


So whether you need a little leverage with an administrator, want to showcase the importance of PE to families and students, or just looking to brush up on your professional development, stay tuned for lots more awesome physical education articles from PLT4M!

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