Stretching for Recovery

In our experience, the most overlooked part of training for high school athletes is the cool-down & recovery period. At PLT4M, we use a number of different static stretching routines (like the Band Stretch above), mobility work, and foam rolling as our final piece of each training session. We cannot stress enough the benefit of incorporating this type of recovery work on a regular basis. While static stretching has been shown to be inferior to dynamic warm-ups as pre-exercise activity, it does offer a number of benefits when used after training.
  1. Increased flexibility and range of motion
  2. Improved circulation
  3. Better posture
  4. Stress relief (physical & mental)
  5. Enhanced coordination
In this coach’s humble opinion, a simple band stretch done post-workout works wonders. With as much stress as we are putting on our bodies in the pursuit of progress, calming things down and reinforcing good mobility and flexibility is extremely beneficial. You’ll feel better after the workout as well as more prepared for the next session. Over time, it will drastically improve your movement and flexibility and help prevent injuries during competition. Over and over we have seen athletes neglect this piece to their detriment. On the other side, we have also seen numerous athletes & coaches fall in love with this type of recovery once forced to incorporate it on a daily basis. Bottom line: it will help you become a better athlete!

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