10 Year Company Anniversary

PLT4M sign celebrating 10 year anniversary.

PLT4M is excited to be celebrating our 10 year company anniversary! Over the last 10 years, PLT4M has set out to change the game of physical education, athletics, and wellness for school districts all across the country.


What started as a passion project for our two co-founders while they were teaching and coaching has since grown into a nationwide fitness and health movement.


Before we peel back the curtain of how we got to where we are today, we want to start by saying thank you. Thank you to all of the teachers and coaches who share our mission of empowering students with the love and skills for lifelong fitness. None of this would be possible without your tireless efforts in classrooms, fitness centers, weight rooms, fields, and gymnasiums every day.


On top of that, many of our teachers and coaches have gone above and beyond the call to action. From sharing stories on blogs, webinars, and podcasts to giving thoughtful feedback to help improve our company, PLT4M is truly a program made for teachers and coaches by teachers and coaches.


With that, let’s celebrate our 10 year company anniversary by taking a look back on some of the highlights and giving a sneak peak of what is to come.

2012 – 2016 The Early Years of PLT4M 


Sam Breslin, a high school PE teacher, football coach, and strength coach, was spending countless hours in front of the computer trying to program workouts for his students and athletes. Alex Relph, a college football coach and strength coach, felt the same frustration. Friends from college, the two were on the phone with each other one day, and a light bulb went off. 


“There has to be an easier way!” 


Together, Sam and Alex imagined a program that would allow them to deliver workouts to athletes while also tracking and monitoring progress. And as they got to work on a solution, they quickly realized that countless other coaches were sharing similar frustrations. 


As the first formation of a program started to take shape, Sam and Alex decided to turn this personal passion project into an actual company. After seeing other coaches in the area express interest, the two went from treating PLT4M like a side hustle into their full-time endeavor. They even added a few employees to the team for the first time. 


For the first few years, the focus was on athletics. It was made for coaches, by coaches. Check out some memories from the first few years.

Old school PLT4M logo.
The original logo of PLT4M.

PLT4M now has thousands of instructional videos with high quality audio and video. But we had to start somewhere! It first started with a go-pro and cell-phone! 

Free Fitness Lessons For P.E. Classes

Looking to branch out from the traditional games based P.E model? These 15 ready to go lessons can help! 

2017-2020: The Transformational Years of PLT4M 


In 2017, as the amount of PLT4M customers grew, so did the team supporting it. Hundreds of schools were using PLT4M and wanted to use it for more than just strength and conditioning for athletes. 


The resounding feedback from coaches across the country was, “This is great for my athletes. But, I also want something similar for my physical education students.” 


The PLT4M team set out to make a program and product that matched the needs of coaches AND teachers. As a result, new programs started to get created, and things like the intro to fitness, yoga, and nutrition became fan favorites among PLT4M customers. And new features arrived on the tech side that helped teachers better track progress and highlight improvement. 


Now, PLT4M was made for coaches and teachers, by teachers and coaches. The goal was to serve the whole school’s fitness and wellness mission. 


And while there were lots of significant changes to the program, one change everyone was excited about at PLT4M was the new office and headquarters. PLT4M went from a little upstairs shoebox in a friend’s gym to their own space with a PLT4M branded gym that you see on all the videos today! 

PLT4M Office
PLT4M's new office and gym decked out for the company holiday party 2019.

Ready to Learn More? 

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2020-2022: The Covid Years 


As PLT4M was plugging along in early 2020, much like the rest of the world, everything changed in mid-March. With the shutdown of schools, PLT4M was ready for the challenge of remote schooling. The team was all hands on deck, quickly jumping into action and helping hundreds of schools get free access to PLT4M in a time of need. 


And while we had all hoped Covid would be just a blip on the radar, as it became a part of our daily lives, PLT4M made new programs and content that would directly serve the remote and hybrid learning environments that schools were in. 


As the dust settled and many schools returned to normal, so did PLT4M. We took the lessons from Covid and worked to continue helping students pursue fitness on their terms. We added more new programs and tech features that would help students try new things and give them feedback in the process. 


In taking these steps, PLT4M truly became a comprehensive physical education and wellness solution. Every student has an opportunity to explore different units and modules in PLT4M. On top of that, they can get a personalized learning experience that physical education strives to provide. 


PLT4M activity page on a computer.
PLT4M has certainly gotten a face-lift over the last 10 years.

The Future of PLT4M 


While we have a lot to celebrate from our 10 year company anniversary, we are still just getting started. 


Our tech team is hard at work undertaking a massive overhaul and improvement to our website and app. Our curriculum and content team is still working on adding new programs and units for students to try and experience. 


And PLT4M is still working to guarantee every student in the country has access to high-quality physical education through content, curriculum, and community. We are proud to partner with over 1,500 schools across the country, but we know we can do more. In the coming years, we hope to find new partnerships and strategic ways that allow this small but mighty start-up to make a really big impact. 


A Team Effort – 10 Year Company Anniversary Wrap Up 


While we have grown to become a school-wide physical education and wellness program, our roots are still in athletics. That means at PLT4M, we firmly believe in the power of the team. 


We wouldn’t be able to celebrate our 10 year company anniversary without our team’s countless hours of hard work. Everyone from our on-camera instructors to our behind-the-scenes tech people has poured their hearts and souls into this program. 


So once again, thank you to everyone who has helped to make PLT4M possible. And most importantly, we are excited for many more years to come!  

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