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Michael Horn poses with his new book.

At PLT4M, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of physical education, health, and wellness for students. But getting others to take the subject seriously has always been an uphill battle. However, one leader in the world of education who has always been an advocate is Michael B. Horn. 


Michael B. Horn speaks and writes about the future of education. He has covered the field of education with thought-provoking articles, books, and presentations. When Michael speaks about education, we listen. Michael takes a unique perspective on educational systems, addresses real-world challenges, and provides comprehensive solutions.

Michael B. Horn’s Newest Book Release 

Michael’s newest book is From Reopen To Reinvent – (Re)Creating School For Every Child. Check out the blurb from the book below…


“A practical blueprint to rebuilding an education system that is no longer working for its students.” 


In From Reopen to Reinvent, distinguished education strategist Michael B. Horn delivers a provocative and eye-opening call to action for the overthrow of an education system that is not working well for any of its students. Grounded in what educators should build in its place to address the challenges that stem from widespread unmet learning needs, the book walks readers through the design of a better path forward.


Using time-tested leadership and innovation frameworks like Jobs to Be Done, “Begin with the End,” tools of cooperation, threat-rigidity, and discovery-driven planning, From Reopen to Reinvent offers a prescriptive and holistic approach to the purpose of schooling, the importance of focusing on mastery for each student, and the ideal use of technology. It also provides readers with:


  • A set of processes and ideals that schools should implement to deal with the challenges they presently face
  • A way to transform threats into opportunities using threat-rigidity research
  • A discussion of how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that schools are not as flexible and equitable as we need them to be


Perfect for K-12 educators and parents and school board members involved in the school community, From Reopen to Reinvent is also an essential resource for professionals working in education-related non-profits and state education agencies.

Book Excerpts from Reopen To Reinvent 


After reading Michael B. Horn’s new book, we were thrilled to see the emphasis on health and wellness. In Chapter 3 of the book, Michael suggests that schools should consider 6 domains for communities to consider: 


  1. Content knowledge
  2. Skills
  3. Habits of success
  4. Real-word life experiences and social capital 
  5. Health and wellness 
  6. Basic needs 


Michael goes on to explain each of the 6 categories and says this about health and wellness,


“Schools have also always played some role in health and wellness. Witness the long history of physical and health education in schools or the provision of meals and counseling. As Chapter 5 discusses, fitness, for example, helps prime students for learning. Therefore, even physical education should not be treated as something independent from learning knowledge and skills…..Without some focus on wellness, it will be hard for every student to fulfill their potential.” (pg. 79-80)

Transforming PE – The Hartford High School – Vermont 


After making high-level recommendations, Michael B. Horn takes a closer look at one school’s journey to a fitness-focused personalized PE experience. He starts by setting the scene of physical education that we are all too familiar with here at PLT4M, 


“Although fitness can bolster students’ academic success, the place where fitness should occur in most schools – PE class – is all too often focused on teaching organized sports and games rather than ensuring that each student is moving daily and improving their fitness. Far too often, PE class makes some individuals feel like failures.” (pg. 137) 


In the book, Michael then highlights the fantastic work of PE teacher Peter Driscoll at Hartford High School in Vermont. We want you to go read the entire book to see what Peter is doing in class with his students and of course enjoy the full book, but Michael closes the section with this, 


“The result is one where each student is essentially enjoying a personalized PE class. They also experience a learning cycle that isn’t too different from Summit’s, as it includes goal setting, planning, executing the plan, and using their performance to reflect. This allows students to experience the feeling of daily success and the endorphins and dopamine produced from both the sweat and authentic accomplishments.” (pg. 138)

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Key Takeaways From Michael B. Horn’s Reopen To Reinvent 


As we head back into another school year, this book offers a timely review of what schools can do to reinvent the educational system. As Michael suggests throughout the book, there is much to be done to serve our students better. And there is no doubt that one big part of that is a better investment and emphasis on the world of physical education. While many authors and educational leaders often don’t write or even consider physical education’s role in schools, we are excited to see someone as reputable as Michael taking this approach. 


From start to finish, Michael B. Horn does a fantastic job of pairing innovative new ideas with real-world examples and spotlights. While this recap highlights a few small sections featuring fitness, health, and wellness, Michael offers a comprehensive approach to reinventing the educational system. We strongly recommend this book to anyone in the world of education and are proud to call Michael a friend and mentor to our team at PLT4M.

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