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PLT4M pilates instructor.

Pilates is an excellent low-impact form of exercise that is a full-body workout! An intro to pilates unit equips students with another lifelong fitness activity. 


And you do not have to be a pilates instructor to introduce beginners pilates to your students. So give these beginner pilates workouts a go for your PE class!

Challenge of finding the right beginner pilates workout for students


How do you know what is right or wrong for workouts if pilates is a relatively foreign form of exercise to you? If you are like most, you might even ask yourself what the difference is between pilates, yoga, barre, and other low-impact workouts? 


On top of that, many pilates studios have fancy machines. Without pilates equipment like a reformer machine, you might feel like your options for finding a pilates video for beginners are limited. But reformer pilates is not the only option. 


There are countless pilates exercises that can be done with any space and no equipment! All you need is a yoga mat/pilates mat/towel, and a pilates beginner can be ready to go with their first pilates class. 

People workout on pilates reformers.
You likely won't find pilates reformers in most schools. So can you still teach Pilates?

How to start pilates in your PE class 

Try it out and talk it out! Pilates might feel weird or silly to some students because it is new! 


The best way to start introducing pilates is to run a group class where everyone can give it a try. Then from there, you can talk about it and see what students think as they try out the lessons.


  • Do you think that pilates helps with core strength? 
  • Did that feel more like a cardio workout or a workout that builds strength? 
  • Does pilates feel like a total body workout or isolated to specific muscle groups?

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Intro To Pilates Lessons For Students 


With an intro to pilates unit, it is helpful to paint the bigger picture about this form of exercise. Throughout your lessons, you can talk about the benefits of pilates, work on the fundamentals of pilates exercises, and build to full body workouts that are fun and challenging. 


By doing so, you are helping to introduce pilates routines through beginners’ workouts and help students evaluate this as a lifelong activity.

3 Pilates For Beginners Lessons 


Look no further for a great pilates workout for beginners! PLT4M’s pilates introduction takes students through a comprehensive pilates practice with everything you would find in a traditional class.


Each class workout routine contains: 

  • Warm-Up 
  • Mat work and introduction to new pilates moves 
  • Pilates stretches 


These lessons are a sample from a larger series of pilates lessons loaded in the PLT4M library!

Lesson 1: Pilates Intro 


Welcome to your first PLT4M pilates lesson. Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that focuses on control while enhancing balance and flexibility. It provides an excellent challenge to all major muscles groups with a special emphasis on our core!


The core is the powerhouse of our body, and you will hear Britney talk about using your powerhouse throughout today’s class. We focus on the core because it helps improve all other movements and exercises. 


The focus of today’s class is control. We want to be sure we are controlling our body as we move through space and are being deliberate with our movement. 


Whether this is your first-ever pilates class or you have taken some in the past, you are sure to have an awesome time. Let’s go ahead and get started!

Lesson 2: Control 


Welcome back to another pilates workout! Today our focus is on centering. 


In order to focus on centering, we need to learn about our pilates box. Imagine a line from shoulder to shoulder, hip bone to hip bone, and then two lines up the side of your body. That is your pilates box! 


The goal of class today is to keep your pilates box as centered as possible! Let’s go ahead and get started.

Lesson 3: Beginner Pilates Workout 30 Minutes 


Welcome back to another pilates lesson! Today our focus is on the mind/body connection and breath. With movement and exercise, we can connect the mental and physical components of our workout. Breath is one of the best ways to make this connection. 


Our first few lessons have been a little shorter, but now that you have built up some understanding and stamina around pilates, we are going to tackle a full-30 minute workout! Keep up the awesome work you have been doing and continue to grow in your practice today.

Key Takeaways To PLT4 M’s Intro To Pilates Program 


Over the last few years, as physical education has shifted to a fitness-based approach, we have seen schools adopt new units like yoga, mindfulness, dance, and more. But why not pilates? 


Pilates has often been left out of many curriculums because teachers are not familiar with the pilates method and teachings. But PE teachers don’t have to be pilates teachers to add in an intro to pilates unit. 


With the right resources and an open mind, all students can have the opportunity to a fun full-body workout routine! 




How do students access workouts via PLT4M? 


On any digital device! PLT4M is an online resource with both a web and mobile app. 


For a group class workout format like pilates, teachers will often use a monitor or projector for students to follow along. For other types of lesson plans, students can tap right into a personal device for more 1:1 learning. 


Does PLT4M have other lesson plans for students? 


Yes, PLT4M has hundreds of PE lesson plans to fill your semester and curriculum.


With PLT4M, you can access everything from fitness, dance, yoga, mindfulness, weightlifting, and more. Teachers look at PLT4M as the complete content, technology, and curriculum resource for their PE classes. 


Are pilates and yoga the same thing? 


No, pilates and yoga are different! While they both are structured around poses and stretches, some of the fundamental movement patterns and exercises are different. 


Pilates, you find a pose and then move your arms and legs to work core muscles and other muscle groups. Yoga lesson plans you pose to pose in a more flowing way. 


Tell us more about your instructors?

Our whole team of instructors are fantastic! With our pilates lessons, students will get to follow along with Britney every class!

About Britney: 


I believe that movement is the key to happiness. I fostered a strong connection for movement through dance at a young age, and that connection quickly grew into a passion. Not only for dance, but movement of all kind, thus leading to my career in fitness. Teaching fitness for over ten years, has changed my view of what it means to move and be physically fit. Over the years, I’ve leaned towards practices that work to nurture and strengthen the body (both mentally and physically). My classes focus on celebrating what your body is capable of doing through mindful movement. I look forward to helping you find movement that works for you, whether that be through dance, barre, yoga or Pilates.

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