# 60 – Mindfulness With Molly Collins

Chalk Talk – Episode 60 – Mindfulness With Molly Collins 

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With so much time on our minds, and a lot of craziness in the world, we must be intentional when it comes to our mindfulness. Molly Collins, PE teacher, Softball Coach, & PLT4M Coaches Club member puts it all in perspective.

We break town her 8 ideas for mindfulness and have some fun on this episode of Chalk Talk.   Want to check out her full article on ideas and tips around mindfulness? Go check it out: Mindfulness Article By Molly Collins 

Time Stamps: 
  • What is going on at Houghton Lake?!? (1:00)
  • Writing letters (2:18)
  • Taking A Walk Outside – With Your Family Member, Spend Some Time With Your Pet (6:26)
  • Breath Work – Mediation (9:00)
  • Go check out PLT4M to see all the different articles Molly has written about – The New Age Of PE,  Motivating Students In PE, Women In Fitness & Strength  (14:00)
  • Watch an Inspirational Movie – Molly’s favorite….Peaceful Warrior (15:20)
  • Keeping It Clean – the Beauty of Cleanliness (18:50)
  • Journaling – The Power Of Writing It Down (20:50)
  • Read A Book or Listen To A Podcast (27:11)
  • Wrapping Up – As PE teachers, we think about ‘physical’ but do we think about all the other parts? (30:35)
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