Virtual Spirit Week – Central Cambria Spotlight

Virtual Spirit Week – Central Cambria Spotlight 

When you picture “Spirit Week,” you probably imagine lots of school colors, fun activities, and smiling student’s faces. The camaraderie built for a school from any type of ‘Spirit Activity’ is exciting. 

But can you bottle up “Spirit” and go virtual with it? Central Cambria Schools in Pennsylvania put it to the test with schools currently closed.

Here is what High School Principal Chris Santini had to say about the idea, 

“Our K-12 Assistant Principal, Lisa Asashon, had found the idea, and we decided to put our twist on it. Anything we can do to keep connected with the kids was really important to us. So we did something fun for each day, and it just started to grow day by day.” 

And as they kicked things off, Monday’s USA Day was an immediate hit! 

“We post everything to our Facebook page, and it gets decent engagement. But when one of our teachers posted a picture of himself all dressed up like the Statue of Liberty thanking doctors, nurses, and people still working, it went viral.” 

With more teachers and students starting to get into the mix as the week went on, they saw some of their best success with “Wellness Wednesday.” 

“It was really cool because everyone got involved in different Wellness Activities. We had teachers, students, and even alumni posting and sharing what they were doing to stay active while at home.” 

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Focus On Activity 

Chris was excited to see so many people getting active, especially because he knows that without equipment or structure, some might struggle to stay active.

“Even I am used to going to the weight room. When you don’t have weights, you have to get creative. Luckily, like many of the kids, I have been following along with the At Home Workouts.” 

Paired with their Spirit Week, every few days, Central Cambria has been posting different workouts and at home ideas from the PLT4M program. The goal is to help students stay active, as CC knows it will play a significant role in helping everyone to feel physically and mentally healthy while at home. 


And as Central Cambria has used both an actual Spirit Week and different workouts to keep everyone positive, Chris is proud of what they have accomplished. 

“There are a lot of great ideas and things you can take from online resources and social media. It is all about putting your spin on it so your school can have some fun during these difficult times.” 

So no matter what you decide to do for your school, take Central Cambria as inspiration that you can keep spirits high, even through online and social media intereactions. 

Want some inspiration yourself? Check out some highlights from Central Cambria’s Spirit Week and Wellness Wednesday below. 

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