The Arm Bar – Proper Arm Action Running

The Arm Bar – Proper Arm Action Running

One of the most neglected aspects of speed development – upper body mechanics. We cannot tell you how many athletes we’ve seen with downright awkward arm and torso movement while running. Beyond trying to avoid looking funny, mastering the upper body is a key to truly top-end speed and endurance.

Here, Coach Igbani walks us through proper arm action during ANY run.

First, we must establish our “Arm Bar” positioning. We do so by bringing the hands out front, palms in, where the elbows are at 90 degrees, close to the rib cage.

From here, we initiate movement about the shoulder. We should be thinking about achieving two different locations with the hand on each swing: the chin and the pockets. Elbows stay in that good L shape throughout.

When added to an actual run, we must pair arm action with OPPOSITE leg action. That means when one leg drives upward with the knee, the opposite arm drives forward, bringing the hand to the chin.

This pattern should exist during any intensity run, never minimizing or over exaggerating.

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Practice Makes Progress

There a number of different ways to practice the upper body mechanics of running! You can practice this skill sitting, kneeling, standing, and more! Check it out.

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