# 110 – Assessment – Part 1: Why & How

CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 110 – Assessment – Part 1: Why & How

Data, assessment, and testing have always been a part of strength and conditioning. In this two-part series, Coach Bres and Doug navigate the what, why, when, and how of assessment.

In part 1, we first define and outline the key differences between assessment and tests. Next, we break down the why and how of assessment in high school strength and conditioning. In part 2, we talk about assessing and using Coach Bres’s assessment battery as an example.

Time Stamps

  • Time Stamps:  Data in S&C (1:00)  
  • Assessment vs Testing (4:00) 
  • Assessment over time – collecting data along the way (6:00) 
  • Pass/Fail – Or Measuring Ability In Different Areas (8:30)  
  • Moving Away from wanting a ‘good score’ (10:00) 
  • Know Your Why – Well thought and Intentional Plans (11:30)  
  • Don’t Waste Time – Ask What The Data Matters? (13:30) 
  • Putting Assessment Into Context For Kids (15:30)  
  • Putting Data Into Context For Coaches and Teachers (19:00)  
  • How To Assess (22:30)  
  • Control The Basic Variables, Make The Data Valid (25:00)

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