Shape America Conference 2024

Shape America Conference 2024 is coming to Cleveland, Ohio! The Shape America National Convention is the premier event for physical education professional development. We look ahead to all the reasons why physical educators should mark their calendars for the Shape America Conference 2024.

Shape America Conference 2024 Details


Join your peers at the 2024 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo — the nation’s leading convention for health and physical education professionals—March 12-16 in Cleveland, OH.


Shape America’s Top 5 Reasons to Attend:


  • DISCOVER dynamic ideas to create and deliver a skills-based health education and standards-based physical education curriculum.

  • GAIN best practices for integrating social and emotional learning and trauma-informed instruction in health and physical education.

  • IMPLEMENT an inclusive, whole-child approach at your school to ensure students are healthy, supported and ready to learn.

  • UNCOVER more ways to foster equity and inclusion within your classroom and school community.

  • NETWORK with dedicated health and physical educators … and meet exhibitors offering the latest HPE products and classroom solutions!


PLT4M and Shape America Conference 2024

Shape America Premier Partner Logo

PLT4M is a proud premier partner of Shape America.


Each year, PLT4M joins the wonderful expo of future professionals, physical educators, and university professors to share information and best practices. In addition, PLT4M’s hosts professional development events to answer questions and provide high quality information on curriculum and technology in the world of physical education.


As physical education teachers come from across the United States, PLT4M is excited to meet with existing school partners and build new relationships.


Want to learn more about PLT4M? Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time or be on the lookout for PLT4M at Shape America Conference 2024!

Jessica Shawley, Doug Curtin, and Christi Meyer at the Shape America National Conference.
(Left to Right) Jessica Shawley, Doug Curtin, and Christi Meyer at the Shape America National Conference.

About PLT4M


PLT4M promotes the mental and physical wellness of students using a modern, fitness-focused curriculum and technology that increases engagement and activity. In collaboration with over 1,000 PE departments and schools, PLT4M is changing the game of physical education and fitness across the United States.


PLT4M streamlines the PE classroom to helps teachers spend more time doing what they love – teaching! With on demand reports, seamless curriculum integration, individual fitness metrics, and easy to navigate experience, physical education teachers of all backgrounds and experiences can sink their teeth into PLT4M.


Check out some more information about PLT4M here or come find us at Shape America Conference 2024.

Student looks at PLT4M app on tablet.
When students tap into any device (phone, tablet, computer) they can enter their results to keep their workout experience personalized and relevant to their own progress.



Does PLT4M Align To Shape Standards?


Yes, PLT4M curriculum and technology aligns to Shape Standards!


SHAPE America’s National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education define what a student should know and be able to do as result of a highly effective physical education program. Our standard alignment guide demonstrates how the PLT4M programs align with grade level standards, helping you achieve and accomplish a standards-based curriculum.


The guide is organized in two different ways:


  • Breakdown by Standard – Build your curriculum based on a set of standards you’re aiming to meet.

  • Breakdown by PLT4M Program – Determine which standards will be met based on the PLT4M programs you’ve implemented.

Do Shape America Standards address technology use?


Technology in physical education might seem counterintuitive. But Shape America has done research and broken down technology in standard 3.


How many schools currently use technology in their PE class?


Thousands of schools use technology in their classrooms, and over 1,000 schools are currently using PLT4M. Teachers have taken time and advocacy for schools to consider investing in technology for PE, but more and more schools are starting to see the long-term benefits. 


PLT4M is here to help when it comes to advocacy! For example, when physical education teachers do a demo with PLT4M, they are equipped with countless resources to sell administrators and stakeholders. 

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