The Evolution of Bloomington’s Weight Training Classes

Bloomington High School weight room.

With a renovated space, new technology, and a fresh approach to workout plans, the weight training classes at Bloomington High School have evolved tremendously over the last few years. As a result, the classes have become so popular that they are at capacity, as students of all backgrounds and interests are eager to join in the action.

Bloomington’s Weight Training Classes 


Nate Myers, PE teacher and coach, says the weight training classes have everyone from varsity athletes to everyday fitness goers looking to be healthier,


“Every student is welcome in weight training. Whether improving their lifestyle or increasing athletic performance, students set goals and work towards them within our weight training program.”


Bloomington High School has been dedicated to enhancing its weight training classes, and the results are evident. The school has made significant changes to its weight training program, tailoring it to meet the needs of a diverse student body. 


Here’s a glimpse into how Bloomington has transformed its weight training classes to empower students.

The Past: Generic Workout Programs


Over the years, Bloomington students would come to weight training classes and dive into a workout program posted on the wall. Nate says that while the kids worked hard, there was no real way of tracking students progress,


“A generic workout program was taped up on the wall, giving students guidance on set and rep ranges for different core lifts and auxiliary movements. But there wasn’t any measurable way to track or monitor what was happening in class.”


Beyond tracking, because the classes were open to everyone in 10th-12th grade, a generic program wasn’t meeting the needs of a diverse range of students. Bloomington wanted to take a more personalized approach to support students while equipping them with skills and opportunities to see and feel progress.

The Present: Personalized Programs and Progress Tracking


Last year, Bloomington took a crucial step in evolving from generic workouts to personalized plans by integrating technology into weight training classes. As Bloomington made the shift to PLT4M, Nate says that the teachers and coaches were excited to take a more personalized approach to weight training,


“With PLT4M, we saw an opportunity to support our wide range of students coming to classes. Rather than a generic workout program, we could deliver personalized training plans to help students take a focused approach to class.”


Bloomington can have upwards of 40 to 50 students in the weight room at a time. And because the school makes it a point to open the class to any and all students, Nate says that the new personalized approach quickly resonated with students as they came to class with various goals and interests,


“Now, students get excited to have THEIR workout program with specific weights and sets. And as a coach and teacher, I tweak and adjust to meet the needs of every student from varsity level athletes to general population students in the weight room for the first time.”


The personalized workouts also adds data and progress tracking that Nate describes as a game-changer for student interaction,


“In class, we highlight progress charts and graphs for thoughtful, data-driven conversations about growth and improvement. It makes for a dynamic class that creates meaningful connections with students daily.”

Tracking physical activity examples on phones.
With PLT4M, students at Bloomington are completing personalized workouts.

The Future: Continuing To Evolve


While many exciting things are happening within Bloomington’s weight training classes, the school is excited to continue evolving its program. And there are lots of new things coming for Bloomington weight training classes!


First, the school recently finished renovating the weight room. In addition to the physical remodel, they are also adding tablets throughout the weight room to make logging PLT4M workouts even easier for students.


With the technology in full swing, Nate, as the lead weight training teacher, is planning to work closely with fellow coaches and teachers at the school to help get as many students and teams involved in the weight room,


“The goal is to make this a school-wide initiative. And with technology, we can all collaborate and be on the same page, which makes for a better, more connected experience for students.”

Bloomington High School weight room.
Bloomington High School weight room.

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image oh student squatting and a phone with graph

Benefits of Bloomington’s Evolution


With Bloomington’s weight training class evolution, Nate marks a wide range of benefits throughout the program,


“With PLT4M, we have a tool that supports all of our students. For example, even if we aren’t weightlifting we can tap into many other great resources that the students love.”


On recovery days away from the weight room, Bloomington students complete PLT4M’s different mobility and flexibility sessions. Nate notes that the PLT4M program has created an even more inclusive environment for all students at Bloomington to pursue fitness. 


And when students are in the weight room, Nate says that the overall experience has drastically changed,


“It just clicks with students as we go through different workouts and training phases. I can see students having those positive experiences that highlight just how far we have come in a short time at Bloomington.”


Bloomington High School has invested in the weight room and weight training classes, and students of all backgrounds are seeing the benefits. As more schools look to the weight room as a place for learning, development, and growth, Bloomington shows the powerful impact weight training can have for all students.

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