Chalk Talk – Episode 6: School Spotlight: Growing a Program

Episode 6 - Growing a program

Chalk Talk – Episode 6 –  School Spotlight: Growing a Program 

What do you do when your high school weight room is less than 400 square feet and in the back corner of a woodshop? If you are Mount Abraham High School, you roll up your sleeves and build a unified strength and conditioning program.  Mount Abraham Physical Education and Athletics established a school-wide initiative and are now celebrating its successes. What starts as collaboration, culminates in student-athletes seeing long term benefits in fitness, performance and most importantly confidence.  Read the Full Success Story of Mount Abraham Here

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: Building a Program:
  • Making the Weight Room a Priority (0:40-5:20)
  • Supporting Coaches and Teachers (5:20-7:00)
  • Safety for Students (7:00-8:30)
  • Bridging the Gap Between PE and Athletics (8:30-10:20)
Half Time: 
  • Jackie’s School Spotlight Breakdown: Seeing Mount Abraham Grow: (11:00-14:20)
Part 2: Spotlights of Success, Stories to Grow From
  • 8th Graders Building the Foundation (15:00-16:00)
  • Off-Season Dedication for Football (16:00-18:36)
  • Camaraderie in the Weight Room for Field Hockey and Baseball (18:36-20:20) Student Transfers: Skills Taken with Him (20:20-21:20)
  • Goals, Thank You’s, and Final Thoughts (21:20-26:50)

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