Chalk Talk – Episode 5: Putting It in Perspective: Coaching Culture

Episode 5 - Coaching Culture

Chalk Talk – Episode 5: Putting It in Perspective: Coaching Culture

Student-Athletes are juggling school, work, family, and an onslaught of other commitments. Max Isaak describes shifting the perspective on training to get the most out of your time with young student-athletes.  Coach Max Isaak has worn many hats from a kindergarten teacher to a gym owner, to PLT4M’s Head Performance Coach. Max places emphasis on creating a certain mindset with his athletes that allows them to foster great habits, and learn something from each and every training session.

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: Setting the Tone
  • Mindset Behind Training: Set the Tone (0:40-4:04)
  • Managing Expectations and Egos(4:04-11:45)
  • Showing Up, and Loving the Grind (11:45-14:20)
Part 2: Putting it in Perspective
  • Know Your Athletes (15:10- 17:50)
  • Recognizing Integrity and Hard Work (17:50-23:15)
  • Coaches as Active Participants (24:00-27:30)
  • Debriefing Workouts: Put it in Perspective (27:30-30:20)

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