Episode 7 - In-Season Training

Chalk Talk – Episode 7: In-Season Training

Chalk Talk – Episode 7: In-Season Training 

You put so much energy and effort into your off-season training program, but when the season comes weight training practically disappears. There is only so much time in your schedule, and getting your team to the weight room is a weekly challenge.  We talk about why ‘In Season Lifts’ should be considered PART of practice, not INSTEAD of practice. Find out why in-season lifts are so important and how we suggest implementing them at the high school level.

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: Why is in Season Training Important? 
  • Use it or Lose it (0:45-3:50)
  • Long Term Benefits: War of Attrition (3:50-8:50)
  • Making In Season Lifts PART of practice (8:50-15:00)
Part 2: How Do I Plan for In-Season Training?
  • Volume vs Intensity (15:50-20:30)
  • What an In-Season Lift Looks Like(15:50-23:48)
  • Strength Maintenance, Pre-hab, and Recovery (23:48-31:08)
  • Maturity Needed for In Season Lifts (31:08-33:00)
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