Chalk Talk – Episode 3: Teaching Strength

Episode 3 - Teaching Strength

Chalk Talk – Episode 3: Teaching Strength

Every athlete wants to be able to lift heavy and “move weight”. The draw to strength and conditioning for most high school athletes lives in the numbers.  As coaches and teachers, the value we place on form, technique, and movement is paramount to any sexy amount of weight put on the bar. Coach Sam Breslin and Colin Reno talk about focusing on movement mechanics and seeing strength develop as a direct result.

Podcast Highlights

Part 1 – Teaching the Clean:
  • A Complex Movement: Starting with the Basics (1:15-4:30)
  • Taking the Bar from the Ground (4:30-7:00)
  • Modifications and Breaking Clean Into Parts (7:00-9:20)
Part 2 – Self Adjustment and Making Modifications:
  • Not Being Attached to the Numbers (9:20-14:30)
  • When Adding Weight Makes Sense (15:10-22:15)
  • Understanding the Intended Stimulus of a Workout (22:15-26:15)
  • Establish Expectations: Our Coaches Experience (26:20-29:20)

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