Chalk Talk – Episode 4: High School Weight Rooms – Equipment FAQ

Ep4 - High School Weight Rooms Equipment

Chalk Talk – Episode 4: High School Weight Rooms – Equipment FAQ

Most high school weight rooms are a far cry from the immaculate facilities we see advertised at elite collegiate programs.  Doug pulls from our high school coaches frequently asked questions regarding high school weight rooms and equipment. Coach Bres and Coach Reno talk about getting creative, making smart investments, and managing the high school weight room you have.

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: Equipment FAQ
  • What would be my best bang for my buck in updating my weight room? (0:40-6:45)
  • Are nautilus machines worth the investment? If so, which ones? (6:45-12:50)
  • Should I get a GHD Machine (Glute Ham Developer)?  (12:50-16:08)
  • We have plenty of DBs, should we invest in KBs? (16:08-18:30)
  • What do you suggest when purchasing jump ropes? (18:30-21:10)
  • What type of med balls should I get? (21:10-23:05)
Part 2: The Bigger Picture 
  • Weight Room Layout (23:40-26:35)
  • Rack vs Rig (26:35- 31:00)
  • Favorite Piece of Equipment: Our Coaches Experience (31:45- 34:45)

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