Chalk Talk – Episode 2: Teaching Movement

Episode 2 - Teaching Movement

Chalk Talk – Episode 2: Teaching Movement

You wouldn’t teach calculus before covering algebra. The same thought process goes for teaching fitness education. Start with the basics! Teaching foundational movements is the staple of a great fitness education. This episode we cover teaching movements like push ups, pull ups, and air squats. Coach Sam Breslin and Coach Colin Reno talk about how we can introduce new movements and properly scale them so that students grow their skills and confidence in training.

Podcast Highlights

Push Ups: Knees or Elevated? (1:25-5:55) Pull Ups: What is our goal? (5:55-12:15) Air Squat: Points of Performance (13:05-23:15) Cardio: Ways to get the Heart Rate Up (24:05-28:45)  

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