Chalk Talk – Episode 1: Summer Workouts

Episode 1 - Summer Workouts

Chalk Talk – Episode 1: Summer Workouts

Summer is here, which means so are summer lifts! How do you organize summer lifts to keep them fun, fresh, and engaging for every athlete? Join Doug Curtin as he sits down with PLT4M’s Head of Performance, Coach Sam Breslin. Doug and Sam chat about starting up summer lifts, motivating athletes during the “dog days of summer”, and working through all of the challenges that come up along the way. Whether you are heading into your first summer program or are a grizzled vet, tune in for Coach Bres’ summer lift takeaways.

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: Getting Summer Lifts Started
  • Handling all the logistics of opening the weight room (1:00-5:34)
  • What about Alumni coming back for the summer? (5:34-8:20)
  • Different ways to think about a “summer schedule”. (8:20-12:40)
  • Incorporating speed and agility during the summer: 12:40-15:13)
Part 2:  Making Summer Training Competitive and Engaging
  • Training Competitions and Getting Kids to Show Up: (16:00-20:10)
  • Running a Summer Competition and kids get “points”: (20:10-24:20)
  • Keeping things in Perspective #DogDays of Summer: (24:20-26:51)
Part 3: Managing Freshmen and Newcomers
  • Laying the foundation: Making a Plan and Modifications: (27:45-30:50)  
  •  Upperclassmen Leaders, Bringing Freshmen Into the Fold: (30:50-32:30)  
  • Thinking about the big picture, not just summer: (32:30-35:00)  

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