Chalk Talk – Episode 41 – The Clean – The What, Why and How of an OLY Lift


# 41 – The Clean – The What, Why, How of an OLY Lift

Some coaches look at ‘the clean’ and avoid it like the plague in all forms. Coach Bres defines what the clean is in all of its parts, so that we can start to talk about why and how the clean can be incorporated into high school strength and conditioning programs.
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Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Definitions and Variations 
  • The Clean as an Olympic Lift (0:00- 4:51)
  • Defining the Starting and Receiving Position Of The Clean (4:51 -10:00)
  • Why Use The Clean In Your Programs (10:00 -15:54)
  • The Mystique Of Teaching The Clean (16:00 – 17:35)
  • Why People Avoid The Clean – Valid Reasons For Not Using The Clean (17:35 – 22:40)
  • To Teach The Clean – What Have You Done Before? -Hinge? Jump? Squat? (22:40 – 27:15)
Part 2: Starting To Actually Teach It
  • PVC as a Drill and Introduction (27:15 – 30:43)
  • Starting To Add The Bar (30:43 – 33:54)
  • Starting at High Hang – ‘position 1’ (33:54 – 36:21)
  • Expanding the movement from High Hang, Hang, From the Ground (36:21 – 40:10)
  • “The Full Clean” – Not All Or Nothing (40:10 – 46:20)
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