Chalk Talk – Episode 40 – Correcting Movement Faults feat. Craig Cheek

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Meet Craig Cheek

  • B.A. Health and Physical Education from Bluffton University
  • M.Ed. in Developmental Kinesiology from Bowling Green State University
  • Director of Strength and Conditioning at Stephen T. Badin High School since October of 2016
  • 11 years as a Division 1 College Strength and Conditioning Coach prior to current job

# 40 – Correcting Movement Faults feat. Craig Cheek

Own It. Be Deliberate. Have Intent. All good words to use in the weight room. But what happens when movements are not up to the standard we want as coaches?  Coach Craig Cheek joins the podcast to talk about how he keeps his athletes moving safely, while not panicking when kids struggle to move exactly how we want them to.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Own Your Movements 
  • Introduction to Craig Cheek – Twitter: @built_by_craig (0:00 – 3:20) 
  • The Cornocopia of High School S+C – Every Team In The Weight Room (3:20 – 6:14)
  • Common Faults Seen In The Weight Room – Corrections and Coaching Cues (6:14 – 10:10) 
  • Own It, Be Deliberate, or Intent – Making Light Bulbs Click With Your Words (10:10 – 13:54)  Movement Does Matter – Prove You Can Do It (13:54 – 19:19) 
Part 2:  The Tweet Heard Round The Weight Room 
  • Core Stablity, Hinging, Hypermobile (20:00 – 23:50 
  • Heel Off The Ground – Tweet Referenced Heard Around The World (23:50 – 26:50) 
  • If You Have A  Reason, It Keeps Kids Safe, Do It  (26:50 – 30:50) 
  • What Matters To A  High School Kid (30:50 – 34:36)
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