Chalk Talk – Episode 34 – Weight Room Ready – College Athletics

Chalk Talk – Episode 34 – Weight Room Ready – College Athletics

As high school coaches, we want to have done everything in our power to prepare students for what comes next. For some, what comes next is a college athletic experience. On this episode, we blend the perspectives of both college and high school coaches. Join Greg Hadley and Sam Breslin as they discuss what to do when preparing athletes for college athletics, especially when it comes to the weight room.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Bridging the Gap Between High School and College Athletics
  • Evaluating Freshmen College Athletes ( 2:20-4:50)
  • Movement Mechanics Matters: (4:50-7:20)
  • Different Groups Coming to College: Who is Ready? (7:20-10:20)
  • 2 Evils: Weakness From No Training vs. Imbalances From Bad Training (10:20-14:00)
Part 2: GPP: What Does ‘Prepared’ Look Like?
  • 3 Things to Have Developed in High School: GPP, Posterior Chain and OLY LIFTS (14:00-18:20)
  • Teaching Olympic Lifts: Who Should Coach It? Who Should Avoid It? (18:20-22:10)
  • Regression vs. Starting with Position to Advance (22:10-26:03)
  • Build Trust and Keep It Simple (26:03-30:14)
  • Capacity and Conditioning (30:14-36:20)
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