Chalk Talk – Episode 35 – Positivity In PE – feat. Nick Clements

Meet Nick Clements

  • B.S. in Exercise Science from Truman State University
  • M. Ed from Truman State University
  • Currently in 1st year of teaching P.E./Health/Weight Training at Liberty High School (Lake St. Louis, MO.)
  • Liberty High School Varsity Softball Coach (Lake St. Louis, MO.) (1 Year)
  • Liberty High School Varsity Baseball Coach (Lake St. Louis, MO.) (1 Year)
  • MOSHAPE 2019 Middle School P.E. Teacher of the Year
  • Previously taught P.E. at Wentzville Middle School (Wentzville, MO.)  for 5 years

# 35 – Positivity In PE – Feat. Nick Clements

Take on your teaching with energy and positivity! Don’t count down the days until school is over, instead make each and every day count. 

We bring on a Nick Clements, Shape Teacher Of The Year, to talk about how establishing relationships and changing your verbiage can go a long way to a happy and healthy career of teaching. 

Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Power Of Positivity 
  • Becoming A Teacher – Meet Nick Clements (00:00 – 5:13) 
  • From Energy Stems Relationship Building – What is in a name? (5:13 – 8:00)
  • Preparing Kids For Life – Importance Of Establishing Relationships (8:00 – 10:10) 
  • $86,400 – Take Away $600 –  Throw Away The Rest? (10:10 –  12:00) 
  • Change Your Verbiage – ‘Have To’ Or ‘Get To’ (12:00 – 14:40) 
  • Praise Loudly, Critique Softly (14:40 – 19:51)
  • Applications of Positivity Outside Of Class (19:51 – 23:05) 
Part 2: Coaching and Teaching – Intertwined Professions
  • Best Coaches – Great Teachers (23:05 – 25:50) 
  • Winning and Losing – Be The Same Person and Coach Learning Opportunities (25:50 – 29:03) 
  • Don’t Count Down The Days – Make The Days Count (29:03 – 31:40) 
  • Check out more from the PLT4M blog and keep up the good work #InPursuitOfBetter (31:40 – 32:56)
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