Chalk Talk – Episode 33 – Grant Writing For Physical Education feat. Jessica Shawley

Jessica Shawley

Meet Jessica Shawley

  • Shape America National Teacher of the Year
  • National Board Certified (NBCT) Physical Education Teacher
  • Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Idaho
  • Nationally recognized educational speaker and professional development trainer (currently serving on the Shape America Physical Education Council)
  • Check out Jessica’s full article of Grant Funding here: Full Article
‘Finding grant funding can be a crucial component to supporting a quality program, and the best news is you do not have to be a professional grant writer to find and secure these funds. – Jessica Shawley
Jessica Shawley has secured over a million dollars in grant funding for K-12 Physical Education and joins Chalk Talk to break down how anyone can become a grant writer. 

Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Grant Writing – All The Moving Parts to Consider
  • Introduction to Jessica Shawley (0:00 – 3:00)

  • Circumstances Of School Funding – ‘Grant writing is always on the tables’ (3:00 – 5:20)

  • Enhancing Your Program Know What You Want – It’s Not Just About Collecting Things (5:20 – 7:20)

  • Shape, State, and Places To Look For Grants (7:20 -12:45)

  • It Takes A Village – Work With Your Administrators and Fellow Teachers (12:45 – 15:00)

  • Grant Writing Is More Work – Set Up The System and It Gets Easier (15:00 – 21;15)

Part 2: Benefits Of Being Involved 
  • Support One Another – Family Of A Profession  (22:05 – 25:10)

  • ‘Go-Tos’ in PE For Jessica Shawley  (25:10 – 27:10)

  • What Are You Looking For In A  Conference – So Much Variety (27:10 – 29:34)

  • Specific Examples From A Conference (29:34 -30:42)

  • Paying Out Of Pocket As A Teacher – How To Handle The Costs (30:42 – 32:55)

  • Thanks To Jessica Shawley and Final Thoughts: Start A Conversation About PE! (32:55 – 34:10)

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