# 93 – Hybrid Middle School PE feat. Roxanne Bush & Justine Miller

Chalk Talk – Episode # 93 – Hybrid Middle School PE feat. Roxanne Bush & Justine Miller

Glenwood Middle School set out to keep their core values for Physical Education alive with a hybrid model of education! As a department, the team had to juggle students and classes in school and at home.

Check out this podcast to explore and learn about the different units and instruction styles available within Physical Education this unique school year.

Roxanne Bush and Justine Miller join the podcast to talk about the various ways they are instructing in-person and remote learning. They break down how, with the help of PLT4M, they have been able to keep things fresh, engaging, and impactful for their students wherever they are.

Time Stamps

  • Introduction from Roxanne Bush (1:00)
  • Introduction from Justine Miller (3:00)
  • School and class structure at Glenwood MS (4:30)
  • Unit based PE – always adding it fitness throughout the week (7:00)
  • Emphasis of fitness. Why? (10:00)
  • Beginning of this school year – goal of a unique year (15:00)
  • Remote Learning Students – Varying Styles of Instruction (18:00)
  • Working Together – Collaborating With PE Department (21:00)
  • In School – Varied Styles of Instruction (23:30)
  • Quality over Quantity! Focusing on form. (25:20)
  • Benefits of the remote setting (27:30)
  • Benefits of in-person setting (28:20)
  • Trial & Error – Using Different Programs (32:00)
  • Advocating for PLT4M at the Middle School Level (36:55)
Check out how you can use PLT4M at your school!

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