# 57 – Injury Prevention – What, When, Why and How?

Chalk Talk – Episode 57 – Injury Prevention – What, When, Why and How?

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Coaches often cite injury prevention as one of the biggest reasons they love strength and conditioning.

We take a look at what injury prevention is on both the micro and macro level.

Time Stamps: 
  • We talk about injury prevention in the sense of ‘Trauma/Acute vs Overuse/Chronic’ (1:00)
  • What is preventable in the macro sense versus things happen? (4:00)
  • Imbalances that can lead to injury (9:00)
  • Fatigues role in when it comes to getting hurt (13:00)
  • Reach out to us with questions and check out more at PLT4M.com (16:40)
  • Going from what injury is and now we dive into the prevention of it all (17:50)
  • Good component and well-rounded strength and conditioning could be considered Inj Prev (21:00)
  • The difference between the big picture and where we call things ‘pre-hab’ within the specific workout (26:20)
  • What to highlight versus what to know is already there (31:00)
  • Mobility, Stability and Coordination (31:50)
  • Correcting, enhancing and improving movement through mobility (34:00)
  • Stability – Maintain control in specific position ( 36:30)
  • Coordination – Proper Movement ( 39:00)
  • The big picture – what we are asking our body to do as we develop in training (42:30)
  • Wrapping up – Injury Prevention versus Return to Play (47:15)
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