basketball team

Hoops Teams Hit The Weight Room

High school basketball teams are embracing strength and conditioning to stay competitive. Barr Reeve High School in Indiana hits the weight room in hopes of future state championship runs.
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Dakota Valley Weight Room

Technology in the Weight Room: Friend or Foe?

For Head Strength Coach, Cody Sexton, using excel to manage his training just wasn’t cutting it. He was spending his weekends manually updating 100’s of tabs in excel. He knew there had to be an easier way to train his athletes—which led him to PLT4M.
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Glenwood High School

Team Culture: Training Together

Changing team culture is not an easy task. For David Hay, he had an even taller task—bringing together an entire athletic program. Here’s how Glenwood High School reinvigorated their training and team culture.
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North Posey PLT4M

From BFS to PLT4M

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Waylon Schenk, knew there had to be a more efficient way to train his athletes. Here’s why he switched from BFS to PLT4M.
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