How One Team’s State Championship Started In The Off Season

Each year, a select group of teams from across Massachusetts gets the opportunity to play their state championship games at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. When Randolph High School took the field this year, not only was it their first time at Gillette, it was their first time playing for a state title. 


And when the final clock hit zero, the Randolph Blue Devils won their first football state championship in school history. 


The team celebrated with parades and fanfare in town, and head coach Jonathan Marshall was recognized as the New England Patriots Coach Of The Year and nominated for the Don Shula Award. In his second year as head coach, Marshall saw a notable change this past off-season that sparked his team’s first-ever state championship run,


“When we look back, our new off-season approach had a lot to do with our in-season success. It showed on the field in a lot of close games when by the 4th quarter, we were able to be stronger and better conditioned than many of our opponents.”

Winners Do More – But What Does More Mean?  


Before this year, the Randolph Blue Devils had always embraced the weight room as a necessary component of the off-season. The energy and intensity of team workouts had always been there. But it wasn’t perfect. 


The team motto stapled across all their team apparel was “Winners Do More.” But Coach Marshall knew that doing more was not as simple as putting it on their team gear and working out. His athletes needed guidance in the weight room to understand what MORE was, 


“Kids were often left guessing what weights they should be doing and trying to self-prescribe what would help them get stronger. It created the potential for a lot of missed opportunities.” 


Coach Marshall wanted to have a detailed plan that would allow his athletes to keep the same energy and intensity while also putting some data and details behind it. To do so, the team had 4 key elements to their off-season plan. 

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Four Keys To Randolph High School’s Off-Season Plan 


Randolph High School’s off-season goal was to help athletes get ready for all of the different elements of a high school football season. That meant working on and off the field to improve physically and mentally in order to be prepared to compete as a team on Friday nights. The Blue Devils had four keys to every off-season workout to do so. 


1) Workout as a Team 


Before the summer, Coach Marshall polled the group to determine what would work for their schedules. By doing so, the team had a group of over 30 kids show up consistently to workout together. This meant they were pushing each other and bonding as a team in the process. 


2) Start On The Field – Speed, Agility, & Plyometric Work 


Each workout would start with a dynamic warmup paired with speed, agility, and plyometric work on the field. Moving well on the field takes practice and skill. The Blue Devils learned to be the best movers through different drills and technique work. This was not conditioning! 


3) Personalize Workouts With PLT4M In The Weight Room 


After their on-field work, the team would transition to the weight room to get in their core lifts and daily workout completed. Using PLT4M, a digital training app, athletes used their phones to access personalized weights. Now, instead of guessing, athletes knew precisely what weights they should perform on every set. 


On top of personalization, Coach Marshall looked at the programs’ videos as a key component to a smooth workout in the weight room, 


“I was able to tweak instead of teach. The videos were one of the biggest resources that helped us be efficient and effective. Better yet, I could spend more time with the athletes who were newer to the weight room.”

The Randolph Blue Devils use PLT4M’s 4-Day Off Season Program. Here is a sample demonstration video from the program! 

4) Finishers 


To finish each training session, the entire team would regroup and perform the final part of the PLT4M workout together. The finisher was typically some sort of metabolic conditioning in the form of a competitive style workout. 


Coach Marshall saw the finisher as an opportunity for the athletes to have one last mental and physical challenge. It sparked some friendly competition with the team that made the end of every workout fun and exciting. 

Every PLT4M Finisher comes with a video breakdown and brief! Check out an example!

Clear Quantitative & Qualitative Improvement 


With the new plan in place, the Randolph Blue Devils started to see significant improvement across the board. Coach Marshall was excited to see his group of athletes bought in,


“The team totally embraced what we were doing. The quantitative data coming in through PLT4M paired with the qualitative results we saw and felt was the perfect combination.” 


Quantitative Results 


Because the team was using PLT4M, the athletes would log their workouts on their phones each day. Using the PLT4M app, athletes also were tasked to log different test results throughout the week. By doing so, they could start to see their weights increase and were excited with the real-time analytics.


Not only that, the team saw a dramatic increase in their version of the 1,000-pound club (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Hang-Clean). Randolph’s club had previously consisted of 3-4 kids but by the end of the off-season now had 15 members (including a coach or two who had wanted to take part!) 

Randolph athletes have access to all their data and improvement right through the app.

Qualitative Results 


More than just the numbers improving, Coach Marshall saw his athletes developing as better movers, 


“Within the workouts, PLT4M makes a point to be technically sound. That goes a long way with high school athletes. It helps them know the importance of good form and technique and supports them to improve.” 


And while Coach Marshall was happy to see things like the hang clean improve, he was even more excited to see it translate to the field, 


“It wasn’t that we just got bigger and stronger. We started to really move well. I think we were one of the best tackling teams this year, and it has a lot to do with what we do in the weight room.”

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Key Takeaways To A Successful Off-Season 


The Randolph High School football team had a successful off-season that launched them into a state championship. For Coach Marshall, a young head coach, he wants to be sure to take note of what helped them have such a successful off-season so that he can replicate it in future years to come, 


“When you typically only have one coach in the weight room, you need to be sure you are maximizing both you and your athletes’ time. That is what PLT4M allowed us to do.” 


On top of that, a well-developed plan is only as good as a team that is bought into it, 


“Our team was invested. We knew we had a great group, and we wanted to do everything it took to give ourselves a chance to be in the championship hunt. In the end, we brought home a state title for the first time!” 


Building On Success: What Comes Next? 


Now that Randolph High School has celebrated the state championship, they are eager to be in the hunt for future years to come. With a growing team and culture, Coach Marshall is ready to adapt, 


“We expect more kids to come out for the team, and so if we need to get creative with different off-season groups, we can. With PLT4M, we can know everyone will be on the same page as we continue to grow.” 


On top of growing the high school program, Randolph recently added a middle school program that Coach Marshall is excited to get set up with foundational training to come to high school ready to go. 


Throughout the town of Randolph, folks are starting to buzz about a program that aims to build on their historic championship run! 

This past year, Randolph's 1,000 lb club grew in size! They are looking forward to growing the group even more over the years.

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