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Remote Learning – Quick Action By Teachers & Coaches

Remote Learning – Quick Action By Teachers and Coaches

While it may feel like most of our daily lives have been put on pause, many teachers and coaches hope that activity and fitness are not also paused in the process. 

Like many other states, New Jersey is in full lockdown. Kids do not have access to gyms, parks, or any school facilities to be active. Does this mean activity must shut down as well? The answer is no at West Morris Mendham, thanks to quick action by PE teacher and Football Coach Brett Ressler. 

Coach Ressler got started with a free trial of PLT4M to deliver workouts from the ‘Remote Fitness Program’ via the high school training app. And while implementing a brand new system to high schoolers remotely might seem daunting, Coach Ressler knew he could rely on his leaders to help kick things off. 

“I reached out to the older kids and turned to students in our leadership council, knowing that they could be the messengers. They were able to get everyone up to speed, and we quickly had over 95% of our team signed up in less than a week.” 

Instructional Videos

With everyone signed up and looking to make their way through workouts, instructional videos became one of the most helpful tools for students at home. 

“The videos go a long way. Every exercise having a paired instructional video is key. The students have clarity as they are guided through form and movement, no matter where they are.” 

Now the students at home can watch videos, execute movements, and continue working hard. 

Is your school looking for remote learning and training options? Check out how PLT4M can help!

Keeping Spirits High 

And while the initial buzz of a new training app is exciting, Coach Ressler wants to make sure that they continue their momentum even in these difficult times. 

One thing within the app that West Morris Mendham is using to keep spirits high is the ability to log and track results. 

“It has provided a friendly and fun way that the kids can check in with each other. Kids can see who is doing what in their daily workouts, and so it promotes a little friendly competition.” 

Growing The Remote Movement 

So many teachers and coaches like Brett Ressler have taken the lead in going remote. Because of quick action, students haven’t missed a beat with their exercise. Instead, strong leaders and adaptive technology have supported students while at home. 

Whatever the reason for training might be, it is important to remember that doing something active is better than doing nothing. Brett had this to conclude with, 

“We support students being multiple sport athletes, and as a coach, I want to make sure we don’t lose sight of the fall or whatever might be the next season for competition. But I also want to make sure that all our kids have an outlet to continue to train, however possible and feel supported. Using PLT4M has been a quick and helpful fix, in an otherwise crazy time.” 

Brett expects to have more students sign up in the coming weeks and is looking to grow the amount of students who are staying fit while at home. For now, he knows the best thing he can do is support and empower his students to keep moving however they can. 

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