Chalk Talk – Episode 9: Nutrition w/ April Liles RD

Episode 9 - Nutrition

Chalk Talk – Episode 9: Nutrition w/ April Liles RD 

As teachers and coaches, we know nutrition is something worth talking about with our students and athletes. But for most of us, we do not know where to start….April Liles joins the podcast to help PLT4M get started talking about nutrition! April Liles, Registered Dietitian and Food Service Director at Waltham Public Schools breaks down for us how, what, and why nutrition is a key for every student that we work with. 

Note from the host: 

This was an awesome start the wide world of nutrition, and we know there is so much more to unpack! Sport drinks, pre-game meals, added sugars….when I was talking with April my mind was racing on what to talk about with her next time she stops by!! For that though, I need everyone’s help! Please share with us questions or topics you want to hear covered with April in future episodes: Chalk Talk Episode Suggestions. Thanks again to everyone for tuning in!! #InPursuitofBetter — Doug Curtin

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: Starting to Talk Nutrition

  • Who is April Liles? (0:45-3:51)
  • Food Service Options (3:51-7:35) 
  • Talk about Nutrition (7:35-9:10)

Part 2: Macronutrients: Talking Basics (9:53-11:30)

  • Carbs: Good, Bad, Grab and Go! (11:30-15:10)
  • Proteins: “Not all equal, but all very good” (15:10-16:15)
  • Fats: “Essential Building Block” (16:16-17:25) 
  • Micronutrients: Real Food Matters (17:50-18:50)

Part 3: Real-World Implications

  • Making Nutrition a Priority (19:20-23:37)
  • Eating Real Food (23:37-27:00)
  • Exposure and Education (27:00-35:40)**
**Towards the end of the episode, April talks about Fearless Foodies and the video campaign she worked on for her elementary students. Check out an example video here: Fearless Foodies making Overnight Oats!  
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