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Chalk Talk – Episode 8: GameDay Lifts vs. Lifting on Game Day

Chalk Talk – Episode 8: GameDay Lifts vs. Lifting on Game Day 

It is game day and just a few hours before the big competition. Time to lift? While some coaches are jumping into “Game Day Lifts”, Coach Breslin and Coach Reno suggest we take a step back and think about what our goal is.  This episode breaks down everything from when to lift, when not to lift, and why pre-game prep does not mean we need a barbell in our hands. Check out our full article on Game Day Lifts written by Coach Reno. 

Podcast Highlights

Part 1: What Are Game Day Lifts?
  • Game Day Lifts vs Lifting on Game Day(0:30-7:00)
  • What is PAP? (7:00-12:14)
  • What is actually happening? Advantages and Disadvantages (12:14-17:16)
Part 2: Recommendations and Considerations: 
  • Game Day Prep: Getting Loose and Feeling Good (18:00-22:30)
  • PE Class on Game Day-What do with In Season Athletes  (22:30- 28:00)
  • Identifying Priorities in the Weight Room-Not All About Intensity (28:00- 30:25) 
  • Pre-Game Warm Up…the Real PAP (30:25-34:52)
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