Chalk Talk – Episode 13 – Make PE Great Featuring Michael Horn

Chalk Talk EP 13 - Make PE Great with Michael Horn

Chalk Talk – Episode 13: Make PE Great Featuring Michael Horn

Turning public education into a personalized experience for each student is no small task. We bring on special guest Michael Horn who writes and speaks about transforming education through digital learning.  This was a live episode at PLT4M HQ with Doug Curtin, Max Isaak, and Michael Horn. Go check out the video here: PLT4M HQ Video Go check out Michael Horn’s full article, Make PE Great, featured in Forbes! Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Kicking off the Conversation (0:00-2:00)
  • Introduction to Michael Horn and Max Isaak (2:00-5:00)
  • A Community in Education – Leadership, Personalization, and Technology (5:00-9:53)
  • Technology – Friend or Foe? (9:53-14:05)
  • Working with Individuals – Understanding Reality (14:05-17:00)
Commercial Break (17:00-18:53)
Part 2: Preparing Students to be Great-Develop Good Habits 
  • Education – Research is Clear on Benefits of Physical Activity  (18:53-22:15)
  • Preparing Students for Life – Horizon of Fitness (22:15-24:38) 
  • Technology – When Do We Unplug? (24:38-27:00)
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