In-Season Training Week

Lift 1: Hang Power Cleans & Back Squat

Workout Brief
Today’s session is a combination of power, maximal strength and core/accessory work. Before we dive in, we grease the groove with a targeted squat warm up and core activation. Do all of this well – pay attention to the details. Non-weighted work will only be as beneficial as YOU make it through great reps and effort.  After getting going, we dive into weighted work with hang power cleans. Just like last week, we are ideally looking for you to take each rep from position 1, or the high hang at the pockets. Jump explosively and catch the bar in a strong quarter squat position. These are meant to be LIGHT, with FAST bar speed (each rep, not a fast set of 3) – adjust the weight down as necessary for perfect reps.  Then, we again hit some strength work with our back squats. Weights are going up, but as always, we care more about great reps and great sets, and we urge you to adjust your weights accordingly. Better to go a bit lighter and nail the reps, than to fail a heavy set. Our final set is a workset designed to simply judge our current strength levels, it will only bump us down if we have seen some natural decline through the competitive season. If you’ve adjusted weights down before the workset that is totally cool – either adjust your max at the top (on the app) or enter 0 reps in the workset and the system will adjust you down automatically. Rest well between sets, at least 2 full minutes. We finish with 2 giant sets of alternating strict presses, bicep curls, and a static wall sit hold. No rest between movements, with a 1 minute rest between sets. Focus on technique throughout.
Warm Up
If you have plenty of time, begin with some light cardio, about 2 minutes. If pressed for time, start right with our squat warm up progression.
  • 1 Min Alt. Spiderman & Reach
  • 5 Air Squats
  • 1 Min Pigeon Pose, each side
  • 5 Air Squats
  • 1 Min Low Dragon, each side
  • 5 Air Squats
Core, Activation & Pre-Hab
  1. PVC Good Mornings
    • 2 x 10 Slow Reps, after 10 reps, rest briefly, then repeat
  2. Alt. Leg Raises: Move right into the glute bridge after hitting each leg.
    • 3 x 8 ea. 
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Utilizing a single leg variation of the glute bridge today. Hold for 15 seconds on each leg, then rest for 1:00 before beginning again with leg raises.
    • 3 x :15 Each
  1. Hang Power Clean: Remember, this is about explosiveness and bar speed. We want light, fast clean reps. Add a few lighter reps before hitting the sets below if you need to.
    • 2 x 50%
    • 2 x 55%
    • 2 x 60%
    • 2 x 65%
    • 2 x 65%
  1. Back Squat: This is our strength work, which means we want to work up to a heavy-ish set of 2 reps in our workset. Remember, we want to adjust weight so as to get great reps, if you’re failing early (or close to it), just adjust your weights down. It’s just a fact of in-season training. If we do so, please adjust your max down at the top of the page, or enter 0 reps for your workset so the system will do so for you!
    1. 5 x 50%
    2. 3 x 65%
    3. 2×1 x75%
    4. 2×1 x 80%
Alt. DB Strict Press: This superset should be treated like one giant set of 3 movements in a row. Perform all 20 presses, then your curls, then the wall sit with minimal rest between each piece. Then rest for 1 minute before repeating. With the press, your DB should begin both locked out overhead. As one descends and is pressed back up, the “off” arm remains at full extension. Squeeze the core and avoid leaning back at all.
  • 10 ea 
  • 10 ea
DB Curls: Keep core engaged and use only the bicep. No rest after 24 total reps, move right to the wall sit.
  • 12 ea
  • 12 ea
Wall Sits
  • 1 minute
  • 1 minute

LIFT 2: Close Grip Bench

Workout Brief
Much like last week, we will begin this session with some explosive plyometrics. We are looking to slowly increase our output over all 8 jumps, with plenty of rest between attempts. Remember, our focus should always be on great take off and landing mechanics (knees over ankles – no caving in!).  Then, we move into some shoulder activation and pre-hab mixed with core & pulling work. This is a super set of a scap circuit and a plank row. Read the directions carefully, we want really well controlled movement. Our strength work today is again with a close grip bench press. Reps are going down, and weights are going up a bit. We’re closing the shoulder angle down to be less demanding on a joint that sees a lot of abuse in sports. Pay attention to your points of performance. Adjust the weight as necessary for comfortable, but difficult sets of 3. The final set is presented as a workset, again just to assess your current ability. We may be bumping your press max down if you cannot hit the prescribed weights. Either enter 0 if you use another weight instead, or adjust the maxes directly at the top! Lastly, we have a some DB capacity work to keep up our unilateral strength, balance, and durability. The key to both movements is excellent technique and range of motion. 
Warm Up
Begin with a 200m run or 1:00 minute of any continuous, light cardio. Then, head into the movements below.
  • Alternating Samson
      • 1:00 Alternating Sides
  • Inchworm to Push up
      • 1:00 Alternating Sides
  • PVC Shoulder Warm-up
      • 2:30 total 
Core Activation & Pre-Hab
  1. 3-Way Band Pull Aparts: Superset with first 3 sets of Plank Hold DB Row. Perform 8 slow reps of each movement through full range of motion – elbows locked, moving about shoulder and shoulder blade only.
    1. 2 x 8 each
  2. Plank Hold DB Row: Even more so than usual, strict movement is more important that the actual weight of the dumbbell. After all 16 reps, rest for 1:00 then go back to the scap circuit.
    1. 3 x 8 ea. (Super Light DB – ath choice)
  • 8 Jumps, Ascending Distance
  • Close Grip Bench
    1. 5 x 50% 
    2. 5 x 60%
    3. 5 x 68%
    4. 3 x 75%
    5. Automated Workset: Complete 3 reps at 75% * Bench  (5 Reps = bump max up, 4 = keep max same, <4=bump max down)
  1. DB Front Rack Lunge: These are to be super-setted with your RDLs – no rest between movements. Make sure our lunge position is sound (90 degree angles!). Get all 8 on one leg, switch to the other leg, then move to RDLs.
    • 8 x 13% 
    • 8 x 13%
    • 8 x 13%
  2. Single Leg DB RDL: No Twisting!! This should be a perfect hip hinge – the back leg should not turn and cause the hips to rotate open. Only go as far as you can maintain the great back position. Rest for 1:00 after completing your reps, then head back to lunges.
    • 8 ea. X 12%
    • 8 ea. X 12%
    • 8 ea. X 12%

Active Recovery

Workout Brief
Today, we will warm up gradually with some light cardio, slow movement drills, and some static mobility holds. The “workout” is a 12 minute AMRAP focused on continuous, low intensity work. We’re utilizing some skill work with the jump rope, some conditioning with a run, and a lightweight compound movement with the thruster.  Be sure to read the workout instructions and notes for each movement. As with all of our recovery workouts, our movement is far more important than our intensity (weight/speed/etc). Use the session as a way to work your body back to neutral. After we’ve completed the 12 minutes, let’s cool things down with a static stretch if we have time. Feel free to address any specific areas you need or want.
Warm Up:
Begin, if possible with 3-4 minutes of non-impact light cardio. We’re looking for time on a stationary bike, rower, or elliptical if possible. If not, a light jog will do just fine. Then, proceed directly into our line drills (progression outlined below). Take each movement nice and slow. Then, move into the upper body warm up and mobility holds.
  • Line Drills
      • Perform each movement for 10 continuous yards, followed by a 10 yard jog.
        • Samson
        • Knee Hug
        • RDL
        • Cradle Walk
        • Side Lunge
        • Quad & Reach
        • High Knees
        • Butt Kicks
  • BW Shoulder Warm-up
    • :30 Sec Each (2:30 Total)
      • Arm Circles Forward
      • Arm Circles Backward
      • Up & Back
      • Hugs
      • 1 Up, 1 Down
  • Pigeon Pose: Let’s open up the hips and glutes for the squat portion of our thruster. We want to make sure we maintain that external rotation of the hip to keep the knees tracking the toes on every rep.
    • 1:00 Each Leg
  • Child’s Pose: Let’s open up the overhead position of our thruster. Hold for the full two minutes.
    • 2:00 hold
  • 20 Thrusters
  • 400m Run
  • 60 Single Unders
This is NOT a sprint in any way. We’re looking for relatively low intensity work, but consistent effort throughout the 12 minutes. The weight on your thrusters should be very light, something you will be able to bang out 20 reps without a problem at the beginning. The run is not about speed – let’s find something like our mile pace and hit it consistently each round. Lastly, the jump rope should be smooth, consistent reps. Replace with a 1:00 time domain if 60 reps is something that will cause problems. We want smooth work through the entire 12 minutes. Focus on excellent movement and total range of motion.

Pre/Post Game Mobility

Workout Brief & Warm Up
Another mental & physical “reset” session. Great for the day after a brutal game, or for a class period on the day of. Begin with 10 minutes of consistent, but super easy cardio. Looking for a “conversation” pace and continuous work. Low-impact is best. If you have access to a bike, rower, elliptical, etc that is great. If not, a light jog and brisk walk is ok!  After some cardio, we continue with a bit of dynamic warm up movement, followed by some static stretch and joint distraction (if you have access to a band). Often, athletes will cut the hold short or take breaks before the time is up, due to boredom or discomfort. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right and reap the benefit. Hold each position continually for the allotted time. Adjust the intensity accordingly. You should be able to breathe deeply and relax into each stretch. It should not be truly painful. If you have time, wrap up with some foam rolling or any type of soft tissue mashing that you desire!
Warm Up
Perform 10:00 of light cardio at a conversational pace – then the dynamic movements below. PVC Shoulder Warm-up
  • 2:30 Total (:30 each)
Leg Swings
  • :30 each leg, each direction (2:00 Total)
Alt. Samson: Keep torso straight up and down, no crazy leans backward, and keep the hips stacked over the down knee. Find a nice stretch through the hip flexors and quads.
  • 1:00 Alternating Sides
Brand Lat & Shoulder: Open up the lats & shoulder joint with this unilateral stretch/distraction. Hold for a full minute on each arm.
  • 1:00 Hold each side
Elevated Pigeon Pose
  • 1:00 each leg
Banded Ankle Mobility: Let’s open up the ankles, achilles and calf. Hold for a full minute on each leg.
  • 1:00 each leg
Saddle Pose
  • 2:00 hold
Foam Roll – Lower Body: Now, let’s look at a basic approach to foam rolling the lower body. Watch the video for a recommendation on how to proceed. Long story short, there’s no true wrong way to do it, blood flow and pressure is the name of the game. Our suggestion is to work from the core to extremity when rolling, focusing on big muscle areas first, and working out from there. Don’t rush – the point is pressure not friction!
  • 5:00 in total
Foam Roll – Upper Body
  • 5:00 in total

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