General Prep Phase (GPP) & Transition

General Prep Phase (GPP) & Transition

Serving as a multi-functional approach to on-ramping athletes into performance training, the GPP (“General Physical Preparedness”) & Transition Program can be a useful tool for athletes of all experience levels. Through 20 guided training sessions, we have a complete progressional approach to developing true training “readiness”.

The GPP program is a perfect foundation for the continued training of our 3 Pillars of Athletic Performance: Power, Control, & Capacity

Use this program as an end-to-end on-boarding process for brand new athletes prior to letting them join your full training regimen, or, as the bridge between seasons/cycles for more experienced competitors. You could also pick and choose sessions to serve as unload weeks or dedicated pull-back cycles focused on reinforcing awesome movement. The possibilities really are endless…


Program Overview Video – (2 Minutes, 2 Seconds To Watch)

Looking to explore how a program like PLT4M could fit into your student-athletes training?

5 Blocks – 4 Sessions per block

Block 1:

1. Bodyweight Mechanics & Light Initial volume

2. Introductory Speed & Power Development

3. Basic Aerobic/Anaerobic Capacity Base

Block 2:

1. Light External Loading

2. Continued Speed & Power Development

3. Continued Capacity Development

Block 3:

1. Barbell Technique & Initial Baseline Setting (Maxes)

2. Accessory Strength Work

3. Continued Speed & Power Development

4. Continued Capacity Development

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