PE Curriculum and Grading (WEBINAR)

Grading, L to J System, and Goal Setting

Rusty Fuller presents on how he has shaped and developed his Physical Education and Weight Training classes.  


  • Rusty Fuller’s Background: (1:10)
  • Grading In Physical Education (2:10)
  • Grading Rubric (3:08)
  • L to J System – High Standard Curriculum (7:30)
  • Checking In – Seeing Things Done Right Twice (9:20)
  • Formative Assessment vs. Summative Assessment (11:25)
  • Demonstration Video Table -JR High (11:50)
  • Motivation Through Goal Setting (15:35)
  • 3 Types Of Goals (16:26)
  • Goal Sheet (17:51)
  • Extrinsic Rewards + Leaderboards (19:25)
Want to see how your Physical Education program can partner with PLT4M?
Rusty FUller
Rusty Fuller – Saint Paul High School (Nebraska)
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Weight Training Teacher
  • Head Football Coach
  • Coaches Club Ambassador (View Full Profile) 

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